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Bruce Bickerton studied classical piano during his formative years. In 1992 he invested in his own studio gear. Initially a full-time hobby, his music has since blossomed into a 2nd career - he's a producer of note, a remixer and a broadcaster with his own record label. Bruce has released 2 critically acclaimed albums for The Big Chill Label and his latest album on Interchill came out in 2013. ... more


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Track Name: A Paean
I’ve got a real desire to explain
why I completely comprehend your pain
Even though you’re sitting saying nothing
You’re working overtime, conspiring
On the things you should be vocalising...

Because as each day passes by
You’re understanding that you’re living a lie
Because of your sense of duty
You just keep saying... nothing.

It’s sad, but true
Your life is standing still
You’ve got all this precious time to kill
When you should be making long-term plans
You’re busy at the sink, washing the pots and pans

‘Cos as each week gets left behind
You reflect when you’ve time to unwind
and the moments as you slip into slumber
are as vivid as the dreams you can’t remember.

You know it hasn’t always been this way
Let’s have some fun before we’re old and grey
I know the way is narrow and uncharted
But let’s try and finish what we started

Because as each month dwindles and dies
You hope that you’ll slowly loosen those ties
By doing deeds that are good of intent...
Surely your inner guilt will relent?

You should listen to the quiet man
I hear he’s got some kind of plan
To turn your twisted world around
To get your feet on solid ground

Because as each year passes by
You’ve got to live life hard, and try
To look after number one
Because ultimately
She’ll be gone.